The NaTOUReza project aims to understand the dynamics and trends related to adventure and nature tourism in the Autonomous Region of the Azores. We intend through our privacy policy to inform you of the procedures applied in the management and protection of your personal data. If you have any questions, please contact by email .

Collection and Use of Dat

When you apply for registration, we collect some of your data such as: name, address, email, and other data that you can choose to complete after you have been granted access to the platform. This collected data will serve for situations like: - Completing the listing in the site frontEnd - Statistical analysis. We guarantee that all personal / business data provided will never be ceded to other entities for commercial purposes. The information you fill in the NaTOUReza platform will only serve to create a statistical database. Data related to the type of services and technical team of your company will be available for consultation on our platform. Upon a formal request, your personal data may be communicated to the judicial authorities in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. Fundo de Maneio, Lda entity that runs the project NaTOUReza, reserves the right to admit your registration/ your company registration to the platform. In case there is any suspicion of missing and / or fraudulent information, additional elements may be requested. Whenever you need, we will send information about this service, just contact us by email to

Security measures

The security measures we adopt are aimed at protecting your personal data against accidental or illegal destruction, loss, alteration, disclosure or unauthorized access and against other illegal forms of data processing. The secure storage of data collected from the NaTOUReza website is in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation, effective as of May 25, 2018. Navigation on NaTOUReza is made on encrypted (HTTPS) pages, however we can not guarantee that the security measures adopted for the protection of this site and for the transmission of data and information through this site will prevent or exclude any risk of unauthorized access or loss of data. We advise you to take the necessary precautions to preserve the security of your data to prevent unauthorized persons from accessing your data, such as equipping your Internet access devices with software devices that protect you in data transmission and reception (such as up-to-date antivirus systems), and that your browser takes appropriate measures to ensure the security of data transmission (such as antivirus, firewall and anti-spam filters).


What is Cookies?

Cookies are text files sent by web sites that the user visits and which are stored on your computer. The information available allows to increase the efficiency of web sites, making it easier for users to access the information they seek, eliminating the need to repeatedly enter the same information. Cookies are not used to collect personal information, they only identify the computer used. All information collected on the site is used to improve the service and facilitate navigation by the user.

What kind of cookies do we use?

Analytical Cookies

They are used anonymously for the purpose of collecting information about how the website is used. They serve for the purpose of creating and analyzing statistics.

Essential, Functional, and Targeting Cookies
  • Remember what you add to the cart and your progress on the order
  • They remember your account data, ensure your connection is secure, and that the website is consistently displayed
  • Allow you to share and enjoy social networks
  • Reduce the number of page loads you visit
  • They make it possible to use some types of payment
  • They recognize that you have already provided a username and password when connected to the client area so that you do not have to do so each time you query a page.
Cookie Control

All browsers allow you to have some control over cookies through your settings, you can accept, decline or delete cookies. However, by rejecting the use of cookies, you may prevent some services from becoming malfunctioning, thus leaving your use of the website partially or totally unaffected. To learn more about cookies, please visit here .

Right of Access to Personal Data

If you so wish, at any time you may request information regarding the use of your personal data, as well as make changes to them, and may update or rectify your personal data.

Right of Obligation

If you so wish, at any time you may request that your personal data (and related data as parcels) be removed from our site. For this you can contact us via email.